WG: Hinrichs Named All-Conference

Apr 23rd, 2012 @ 11:17 am | Author: Viking Sprots Admin
Valley City State's Ashley Hinrichs has been consistent all season long. The junior from Harvey has finished in the top ten in 7 events this season and 5 of those were in the top 5. Ashley was rewarded this week for all her hard work and consistent play by being named a DAC all-conference golfer. However it does not stop there, Hinrichs was also named DAC women's medalist. An honor she shares with Jamestown's Tracy Gustafson. Hinrichs is the first all-conference golfer since the program was reestablished in 2009. April 21-24 Hinrichs and the women's golf team will participate in the AII national qualifier at the Antelope Hills Golf course in Prescott, AZ.

DAC All Conference:

Medalist: Ashley Hinrichs (Valley City State) and Tracy Gustafson (Jamestown College)

Caitlin Hurlock, Jenna Wellenstein (Dickinson State)