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Viking Power

VCSU Weight Room
Current scientific research and literature dynamically illustrate the benefits of proper strength training. Relatively recent advances in technology associated with the areas of Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Biochemistry have greatly enhanced our appreciation and understanding of the science of Human Performance.

The development and diversification of resistance training parallels the evolution of competitive sport. As training methods have become more exact and specific, performance has improved.

At Valley City State University, we have implemented a strength program specific to the sport of football. Strength, Speed, Agility/Conditioning, Balance and Flexibility are the five components we train when developing successful athletes.

Overall strength and body mass are obvious advantages to strength training for football. At Valley City State we also believe that the more powerful athlete, not always the strongest, will perform better on the football field. Therefore, explosive training has taken center stage in our strength program. Explosiveness is defined as the athletes' ability to generate a high level of force in the shortest amount of time possible.
VCSU Weight Room
Utilizing the Power Clean as the foundation, we implement a number of different explosive lifts combined with complex training throughout a yearlong cycle. In-season training, winter workouts, and summer workouts develop our football players throughout their careers at VCSU.

Athletes are supervised during every training session in order to facilitate proper training technique and physical development. We work closely with our full time trainer Rachell Hunt in the areas of injury prevention, rehabilitation and use of nutritional supplements. Diet and proper nutrition is always top priority to ensure athlete safety and development.

If you have any questions concerning the Viking strength program, please feel free to contact John O'Day (john.oday@vcsu.edu) - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at 701-845-7175